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This blog is open to considering book review or articles on some of the topics we cover here, and I’ll be glad to have a look at them (including if it’s not originally written in English? I have already translated from other languages and published here, so check with me anyway).

Since I’ve recently received a few requests, I thought I might share here guidelines / points to be noted for a guest post on this blog.

– I only host your post – you remain the author and all rights remain yours, apart from granting me non-exclusive use. Said that, remember that Google penalises duplicate content, therefore if you decide to use it somewhere else it is better to modify it slightly -or ask me to take it down – in the interest of both sites / blogs.

– I encourage you to add a 50-words note about yourself together with your byline at the end, and also a link to your website / Twitter handle. This will give you maximum exposure 🙂

– As a blog policy, I won’t edit your posts except for typos / light corrections if needed. If there’s anything substantial, I’ll ask you to amend it.

– Please make sure all images / media you embed in your contribution are free to use – like Creatives Common and so on. Youtube is generally fine, but others are not. Always credit them and mention your sources, anyway.

– I maintain this blog with a PG-13 rating and safe for anybody to read, therefore please no profanity, hate discourse, discrimination about any minority, race or belief. And yes, I do follow/write about politics and economics (it’s my daily job) but they bore me stiff, so this blog remains about fiction, science, and anything in between 🙂

Ready? Send your query here: spb_at_earthianhivemind_dot_net

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