Space Features of the Week (27 November)

A lot of interesting things in the news this week. Even though some are not per se “new”, I found them quite captivating both in terms of implications and for the questions they raised. Answers will follow – in due time. Instead of making a traditional summary, this time I have preferred just mentioning them, provide a link and include my┬ácomments, so that you can go & pick the chosen ones.


The Hunt to the “Dark Photon”

[Several articles in these last months about the very existence of Dark Matter – now more doubtful than ever.]

Let’s go to Titan

[This Saturn’s moon might be the only place humans can settle. Read why.]

There’s Life of Mars

[Have we found evidence, after all? No, only the pre-conditions. But it’s an encouraging start.]

What are we going to do with incoming asteroidsneural-network

[Asteroid science is particularly hot at the moment – from destroying to mining them, there’s something for anybody.]

The first photonic neural network is here

[Wow – what else to say?]


  1. sjhigbee

    Great post, Steph. Thank you for sharing all these various interesting developments/roundups…

    1. Steph P. Bianchini (Post author)

      thanks!! ­čÖé


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