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Gundam – Updates [ガンダムシリーズ]

I am nowhere near to complete my series about Gundam (one of my favourite anime/manga), even though it has been a while since my last post. This one is only a short update about a few novelties of the franchise,…
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Where Gundam fights – locations ガンダムシリーズ

This is post number 3 in the Gundam series, aimed at helping you find your way in the complex multiverse of this amazing franchise (for the other posts, see this). As if the different timelines I have discussed before were…
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The Gundam Multiverse – ガンダムシリーズ. Where to start

It is possible that, albeit you might not be a anime / manga fan, you would have still heard something about a series called Gundam (or Gandamu, as in its Japanese transliteration): and with a reason. If there’s anything comparable to the…
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