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SF heroes and villains – a portrait gallery

I have been an avid manga reader (and anime fan) since childhood, and what I loved the most was to pick my hero and follow him (her) during the story. Or a villain, that sometimes is far more charming than any…
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Villa Diodati – birthplace of Sci-Fi (and modern Fantasy)

That old villas are spooky places is known to everybody. All of us remember creepy stories from our childhood, and there is an entire movie tradition built on this trope – a quick look at IMDB would easily prove it…
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Hail to the (Z) Queen – The Newsflesh Universe, by Mira Grant/Seanan McGuire

It started with reading Sci-Fi Magazine’s quote on the book cover “The zombie novel Robert A. Heinlein might have written” – a suggestion I could not avoid checking out. It ended with me reading everything – and I repeat, everything…
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