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Ice cold or blazing hot? Extreme exoplanets

Post number four in the exoplanet series. Among variables considered so far, planetary habitability, age and distance have taken the spotlight. Today I’m going to talk about another important factor, especially because it has a direct impact on habitability: temperature. There are…
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Photogenic (Exo)planets

Keeping on the exoplanet series, after the general introduction and the presentation of the oldest one (so far) discovered, today I am going to address another interesting characteristic: distance. Distance matters, no discussion about it. I have already mentioned the importance of the…
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Exoplanet young, single, orbiting sun-like star. Sci-Fi Writers wanted for exciting stories.

One of the most exciting features of astronomy today is the search for exoplanets offering life conditions suitable for life (see http://www.space.com/159-strangest-alien-planets.html). Things are far less simple than they may look at first sight. Being in HZ-range (the so-called habitable…
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