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Saint-Seiya: The Lost Canvas [セイントセイヤ THE LOST CANVAS 冥王神話]

Few manga/anime can compete with Saint-Seiya for complexity of timelines, characters – and beauty. But, unfortunately, one of their late instalments – The Lost Canvas – is not going to be remembered for this last characteristic. And while there are…
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Manga / Anime Classics – Devilman [ デビルマン]

For historical /manga lovers, Devilman [デビルマン] is quite a famous (or infamous, depending on where you stand) feature. Authored by Go Nagai [永井 豪] – yes, it’s the same mangaka that created Mazinger [グレートマジンガー ] and Grendizer / Goldrake [UFOロボ グレンダイザー], just to…
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Your favourite (darkest) anime/manga

This is holiday time – for me the moment to catch up with my favourite anime/manga, discovering new ones and watching/ reading some of the beloved, old series. A discussion I had a few days ago with a friend was…
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