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1979 Mobile Suit Gundam (機動戦士ガンダム) – where the legend starts

This is post number 4 in the Gundam Multiverse, and it will be devoted to exploring in more detail the amazing Mobile Suit Gundam (機動戦士ガンダム), which is the original anime from where the whole franchise began. As such, it’s fundamental to…
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The Gundam Multiverse – ガンダムシリーズ. Where to start

It is possible that, albeit you might not be a anime / manga fan, you would have still heard something about a series called Gundam (or Gandamu, as in its Japanese transliteration): and with a reason. If there’s anything comparable to the…
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The importance of a correct worldbuilding: Lagrangian points

Astrophysics has to make sense, especially in a SF book. When designing your fictional worlds you need to make sure things can survive on their own, short of creating an alternate physical universe – and I won’t even start imagining how difficult…
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