Science & Spooky Bits

A busy year for bacteria

This is definitively the year of bacteria in terms of scientific discovery and ground-breaking experiments. It was only a few months ago that a new strand of DNA was engineered in a lab, creating an organism with semi-synthetic (“alien”) DNA. And it’s…
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Utopia, dystopia and other monsters

“Where in fucktopia are you, Dexter?” Yells Debra Morgan, obviously searching in vain  for her brother. Sure thing, Debra did not hint at anything sexual here – even though there are some fictional versions of the universe where sex has an essential…
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Villa Diodati – birthplace of Sci-Fi (and modern Fantasy)

That old villas are spooky places is known to everybody. All of us remember creepy stories from our childhood, and there is an entire movie tradition built on this trope – a quick look at IMDB would easily prove it…
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