Another reason (if you ever needed one) to visit Tokyo (again)

… would be to visit the brand-new Gundam in Odaiba, unveiled on September 2017.
If you are -as I am – a Gundam fan, you’d know that Odaiba used to host a life-sized replica of Amuro Ray’s original Mobil Suit Gundam 1979.

That one was removed early in 2017 (sigh) but now Odaiba’s waterfront sports something equally beautiful even though not that iconic: a 20-mt model of Gundam Unicorn that, among many in the whole franchise, is one that actually gets back to Gundam’s origins.

“The arrival of the Unicorn Gundam also signals the opening of a new Gundam-related store in the Diver City Tokyo Plaza itself. The “Gundam Front Tokyo” used to be a miniature theme park, but now it’s been revamped into a store called “The Gundam Base,” dedicated to all things Gunpla. […]If Gundam Unicorn and its ponderous themes on the nature of war is the face of Gundam in Odaiba, the Gundam Front store is dedicated to the other side of Gundam — the toys. This is represented by Gundam Build Fighters, the poster child of cheesy, exuberant fun. The new Gundam Build Fighters kits are on sale right now, so naturally the store is promoting the series quite heavily. When I visited, a large screen was playing the latest OVA, and I even saw life-sized figures of the season 1 protagonists.” (read the whole article here).

If you want to know more, this is a good video to watch – before going there in person, of course.


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