XXI Century Sci-Fi – Broken Angels, by Richard Morgan

Broken Angels (2003) is a SF dystopian novel by Richard K. Morgan, and the sequel of Altered Carbon, by many considered the cyberpunk of the new century. Set up fifty years after the events of the first novel, the controversial hero Takeshi Kovacs is no longer an envoy but a mercenary, on a mission into a remote planet. Violent and dark as the first book, with rebellions, covert ops, nasty corporations and even alien species’ artefacts as a bonus.



  1. sjhigbee

    I enjoyed the start of this series, but it did get very gory – and I also found some of the sex a bit ‘ewww’… Can’t deny he’s a great writer, though

    1. Steph P. Bianchini (Post author)

      Hello Sarah, thanks for stopping by, and I totally agree -with one remark: I have generally higher tolerance for gore (I do enjoy reading good horror stories, after all) than for graphic depiction of sex. Not because I’m a prude (definitively not) but because I believe it’s not needed (I count *very* few exceptions to this rule) and it’s boring on top of that. To cut short a long discussion, I’m interested about what a character feels or thinks when he/she has sex, and I do appreciate to be told about it. Not so about *how* that happens – give me a few hints, and I can work out the scene by myself, as any adult human being normally can (and often with more imagination) 😀


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