Third Rock & NASA Sound Gallery

Did you know that NASA has an internet radio station? It is called Third Rock, America’s Space Station, and it is a station “developed and operated at no cost to the government through a Space Act Agreement with Houston-based RFC Media. Third Rock also will help partner companies fill high-tech job openings in the engineering, science and IT fields.”

But the spacwallpaper-moon-nasa-photo-hd-widescreen-2e agency does even more to engage its listeners. On the same page, you can find a repository of MP3 files about the whole space exploration adventure.

There are many kind of available files – actually more than 100, including the eerie space sounds I have already written about, like Saturn’s radio emissions and Voyager’s interstellar plasma sound, but also some recording from space missions, from the 1970s onwards.

Some suggestions? Here’s my selection:

– A space shuttle liftoff

– Apollo 11 “Eagle has landed

– Neil Armstrong’s “One small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind

– … and of course, the famous: “Houston, we’ve had a problem

Happy download!

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